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WABI Chapter VI

Date de début: 2024-06-08 18:00

Date de fin: 2024-06-09 10:00

Localisation: Tunisia

WABI Chapter VI

On June 8th, let's create together moments that will resonate beyond the limits of time. Let yourself be carried away by the very essence of WABI as we blend the serenity of the seaside with the pulsating energy of the club scene. In boundless freedom, let's weave deep connections with kindred souls and be swept away by music under the starry sky, as we exalt the pure magnificence of life itself.

Mark your calendars and see you on the dance floor

Contact us (via IG) to obtain codes for your blind release ticket

In order to get a pass join WABI group member (on FB)

🗓️ 08.06.2024 🕗 6 pm to 10 am © effet mère


L'événement s'est terminé



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