Eddisco FM #1 - HearThuG / Hamdi RydEr
2020-12-06 20:00 - 00:00

Downtown Vibes | 📧 | Compte Cashless

Eddisco FM #1 - HearThuG / Hamdi RydEr
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Downtown Vibes is a collective brought to existence in 2013 with the clear vision of promoting House Music and vinyl culture in Tunisia.

L'événement s'est terminé


It’s surely unfortunate to have our nights become this soulless and lonely without the glowing lights and the vibrating Music. For us, DJs and promoters, the situation we’re facing can only be described as a disaster given its impact on our financial state, mental and physical health and even our relationship with others since days seem to be like a looping boredom and you can guess how much that actually impacts our mood. To help gather back our strength, we decided to launch, EDDISCO FM, a series of streaming sessions with some of your best Tunisian artists that we invited to our record store in an attempt to convert their frustration into the brilliant performance you’re used to. We’ll be providing a donation link through our partner's website Bipevents for those who want to support what we do! The money will be shared with the artists we invite and will help us in our future plan to keep the scene active even without an actual dancefloor. Gather you friends in your house, set all your party elements, connect with us and set your dancing soul free!